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Welcoming Jessica May to the Centre

Jessica May

We are really pleased to welcome Jessica May to working at the Centre. She is with us every Friday in January, and we would love to have her made a permanent fixture. Here’s what she says about what she offers:

Jessica May is a Psychic Medium, healer & inspirational writer. She offers readings or healing. As a medium, she works to reconnect people to their soul paths. This is through connecting with your guides and looking into your past, present & future. She assists those who are awakening to understand what is happening to them, offering guidance. Jessica is also a Reiki healer & communicator, who works with the spirit of the horses & unicorns during these sessions. She has helped many humans & horses who have been through a traumatic time in their life, often using reiki. She sees horses as a person, as a soul. Horses have so much to teach us and by combing their soul & love into her healing & readings, Jessica helps people to understand themselves & to move forwards in their life.
Her sessions are 30 minutes or an hour in length and cost £25 or £40.