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We’ve won an award!

A certificate from ghp proclaiming the Amethyst Centre as winner of the Complementary Healthcare Organisation 2023
Well how about that! We’ve won an award! The ghp award for Best Complementary Healthcare Organisation 2023! This is for our support of people who need help with their mental health, which we do by providing cosy rooms for counsellors and other therapists to practice from.
We also help them by providing case study treatments for just £10: basically student counsellors can hire our rooms and their customers just pay for the room hire. We have agreed a supervision arrangement with Daniel Browne for our students, so the teaching organisations can feel happy that we have adequate provision for their students. Chris, who has a psychology degree, provides the placement supervision for the students.
We know that complementary therapies as a whole can help enormously with mental health.
  • A massage, for example, can make you feel so good about yourself as the strokes make the body produce endorphins, which are the body’s feel good chemical.
  • Aromatherapy – well some of the essential oils provide an instant lift of mood or even depression, while others can calm down the anxious brain.
  • Reflexology brings the body back into balance, and the body includes the mind here.
If you feel you need to take us up on this, please get in touch, whether you are a student, a therapist, or someone who needs support.