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What do you call a massage…

… carried out when you’re on one of those massage chairs?

Is it onsite massage? Well all our massages are carried out on site, if you see what I mean!

Is it seated massage? You’re sort of kneeling as well as sitting.

Is it chair massage? You’re not massaging a chair!

So what did I have from Faye Duggan today at the Centre? She worked on my back, neck and shoulders, and upper arms, and some acupressure points. Now I have had problems in those areas for many years – decades, in fact – and I still have problems even after the massage. However, I can’t deny my back feels a lot looser than it did this morning. Maybe if I have another one next week my shoulders will improve!

You can have one for yourself and then you can tell me what you had and what you think it should be called! She’s very good you know. You can book it using our Bookings page and it will cost you £25.

I could just call it “Faye’s Magic Hands Massage”, which is what her daughter Aimee called it!