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What’s an Ascension Group?

Lorraine Dolan writes about our monthly Ascension Group:

I would like to thank those who attended the course last night and we ended upon with the 7 presences of the Violet Flame joining us in preparation for the course we are running on the 21 November for the Awakening the Violet Flame.

Here is a little more about the Group which looks at

Spotlights every month of meeting a new Angel that can help you on your path

Soul work and looking at Soul Contracts
Angelic Healing Healing
Cleansing our Auras
Working with the Angelic Realms
Past Life Regression
Soul Healing
Its a combination of Ascension, Mediumistic and Healing for you, your patients and the World.

Does that sound interesting to you?
Thursday December 3
from 6 – 8 at a cost of £15.

Doesnt matter if you have ever worked with angels, but just that you feel a calling to do their work and help your soul progress. You can bring friends along too. It a great start to raising your vibration. It is a totally unique group.