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The Amethyst Centre

When the caterpillar saw the butterfly

Two caterpillars were crawling along a stem, when a butterfly flew over their heads. One turned to the other and said “You’ll never get me up in one of those things!”

OK so it’s an old joke. But it’s one that’s become very real for me over the last few months. You see, this time last year, running my own holistic therapy centre, funding it from my own resources, and having it filled with lots of superb therapists and their lovely clients, wasn’t even a dream of mine. It was so far from being on my radar that I wouldn’t even think I could do it. And going back to 15th August 2012, when I nearly died, well I certainly wouldn’t have thought that 3 years later I’d be on the verge of opening a holistic therapy centre. But here I am.

I have done all I can, the builder is just finishing the build off, and when I emerge from my cocoon, I will get the keys to a fully refurbished state-of-the-art Centre. It’s such a relief to know it will be there waiting for me.

So Pandora’s Box Healing is going to pupate for August. I’m taking no more appointments until September, and while it will still be a trading name of The Amethyst Centre, I will be operating as The Amethyst Centre Ltd from 1st September. Part of me feels quite sad at this because I’ve worked very hard to build PBH up over the last 8 years, and I shall be writing to all my clients at some stage with a money-off voucher for a treatment at the Centre. But inside I’m thrilled skinny!

Finally, I’ll leave you with this thought: what seems like the end of the world to a caterpillar, to us, is a beautiful butterfly.