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Wherever you go…

Thank you!

As Centre receptionist I get to meet some lovely people. The other day I was talking to a client that I knew had been on holiday for a fortnight, staying abroad with family. It was a holiday that some people – myself included – could only dream of. So I asked her how her holiday went.

The next fifteen minutes were spent listening to what I would describe as a rant. She didn’t like the food so could only eat McDonalds and had gained weight as a result. Didn’t like the humidity. Didn’t like the insects. Didn’t like the Buddhist temple – why were people wasting so much money on flowers just to put them on the altars? And why were they wasting so much money on building a huge Buddha and covering it in gold leaf? Surely the money would be better spent on the poor people? And so on.

Poor girl. Yet I couldn’t bring myself to feel much sympathy for her, and I’ll tell you why now.

I used to tell a story about a very nice and very wise man, who worked in an office and lived in a nice neighbourhood. One day he attended a colleague’s leaving do. Now this colleague wasn’t the most liked in the office, I think it was fair to say! If the team needed to work late, she never could. If they needed to pull together as a team, she’d find an excuse. She hardly ever made the tea. While he was wishing her well, she confided that she was worried that she would find her new place as horrible as she found her old place: the people were nasty and she felt excluded by them, which was why she was leaving. She asked what he thought? His reply was “Oh I think you’ll find it much the same.”

The following week, he went to his new neighbour’s housewarming party. He was chatting to them, and one of them confided that he was very worried about moving house, it was not his decision but his partner had got a promotion so they had to move. He loved the old place so much. It had a real sense of community. There were lovely neighbours, he used to keep an eye on the older ones down the road and run errands for them, and he used to babysit for the young couple up the road. He asked what the neighbourhood he’d moved into was like. And our man’s reply was: “Oh I think you’ll find it much the same.”

You see, to quote Anais Nin, “we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”. I am working with Nicky Mehta to pilot her course on “Creating Money from the Inside Out”, and I have to say it is a real eyeopener for me. I am deliberately changing my attitudes to money: attitudes I got from my parents, my husbands, my teachers, my friends – and consciously choosing new ones to have. It’s a game changer. We certainly have the potential to change our world, just by changing the way we think about our world.

The title I’ve chosen for this blog post has a second part of it. In full, it reads “Wherever you go, there you are”. Instead of changing your world, why not try changing the way you think about your world? And as you change your thoughts, your world will change too.

A simple way of changing your world is to be grateful. Every day I try and think of 5 things to be grateful for. Now in this exercise you have to be very specific. It is not enough to say “I am grateful for my house, life, my job, my kids, my health”. It is much better to say “Today I am grateful that I have an enjoyable job. I am grateful that the weather is amazing today. I am grateful that I have a house with a lovely garden that I can relax in. I am grateful for the thoughtfulness of my daughter yesterday. And I am grateful that I can enjoy the sunshine without having to take hay fever tablets this year” What you focus on, that you will create more of. This is the Secret of the Law of Attraction.

If you want to do Nicky Mehta’s amazing course, we are planning to run it in the very near future, so please just get in touch with the centre.

And please let me know how you get on with the gratitude exercise!