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Reopening with the “new normal” for the Centre on the 14th April

Chris's therapies

It’s here – and we’re back!

It’s been, as George Harrison once said, “a long, cold, lonely winter” for all of us. I’ve been doing a lot behind the scenes: much Continuous Professional Development has happened, the Centre achieved a Very Big Thing which will be released next week, and we have some other Big Plans too. But now it’s time to reopen.

So what does our “new normal” look like?

We are going to take it easy, like we did last summer, reopening in stages. The “new normal” for the Centre will change as time goes on.

For the foreseeable future therefore, the times when we open to the public are:

  • Wednesday 8.30 – 7
  • Thursday 8.30 – 5
  • Friday 10 – 4
  • Saturday 10 – 1 (from 1st May this will become 10 – 4)

The students will be in training on Sundays and Monday evenings for a few weeks.

What services will you offer?

As far as therapists are concerned, Sano are in Wednesdays and Thursdays. Chris is offering her treatment by appointment, but mainly Friday 10 – 4, and Vivien the counsellor is with us on Saturdays 10 – 1. Bookings for Chris and Vivien are made by phone to 024 76440186 or email to We prefer it if you pay in advance for Chris’s therapies, we take payment over the phone, by Paypal or bank transfer. Chris’s therapies are given in the picture attached to this post.

Will I be able to buy anything?

There are items for sale: books, crystals, jewellery, smudge sticks, incense sticks, things like that. We will spray items with sanitiser before and after you handle them, and you will only be able to handle the non-porous crystals as a result (so not selenite, aragonite, amber, opal or agate crystals such as carnelian). You will also be able to buy the gorgeous NYR Organic range of hand sanitising products – spray, hand cream, or hand lotion. You don’t have to have an appointment to come in and look at our stock, but we will ask you to sign in and out.

What Covid-19 precautions do you have in place?

  • We will be abiding by the usual regulations.
  • Please wear masks while on the premises, you can have one of ours and take it home with you if you don’t have one when you arrive.
  • We will offer our gorgeous-smelling NYR Organic hand sanitiser spray for you, which you will be able to buy if you love it as much as we do!
  • Seating will be sanitised after you’ve sat on it.
  • You are allowed to use our toilets, we will clean them when you’ve gone.
  • No Hugs (sorry).
  • Our staff, volunteers, visitors and therapists are all asked to sign in and out – but if you’re here to see a therapist, you don’t have to as they will have your details in case of Test and Trace.
  • We have a QR code for you to photo if you have that app on your phone.

If you are interested, Janet, Chris, Lindsey the trainer, and our volunteers have all had our first vaccination.

I’ll tell you more about our training provision in the next week, when we release our Very Big News to the world. It’s a major achievement for the Centre: this makes us unique in Coventry.

See you all soon!