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The answer is yes – now what’s the question?

Open door with question mark

I went to a seminar last week about storytelling, and I learned about Shep. Shep was a hippie really, and after he was let out of jail in LA, he found himself heading towards a group of people having a party. He found a young man there and asked him “What’s your problem?” So the young man said “I need some drugs, man..” and Shep thought “I can solve that for him” and went and got some drugs. He just kept asking this guy “What’s your problem?” and for every problem this guy came up with, Shep had the solution. In fact, he looked after Jimi Hendrix and other rock stars really well just by making sure their problems were solved.

I was going to title this blog post “What’s your problem?” but I thought that would be a bit aggressive really, so I chose the strapline from an advert I remember from the 80s I think. Now I don’t remember what the advert was for – but I do remember the strapline. The answer is yes – now what’s your question?

I’m asking you, what’s your question? What problem can the Amethyst Centre solve for you? What problem do you have with your body or mind? Perhaps one of our therapists can sort you out? Are you a therapist yourself? Do you have a problem that the Amethyst Centre can solve for you – perhaps you need a room to practise from, or a mentor to help you grow your therapy business? We stand ready to help – but we can only help you if you ask us to. Just like your angels really – they are always there, but they can’t do anything until they are asked. Just ask…