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Giving birth to a centre!

At this point I have to say I have never carried a child to full term, the nearest I got was about 12 weeks, I didn’t know I was pregnant until it was all over, and I have lost 5 pregnancies early on. So I’m just guessing here, but…

Did you mommas spend 9 months visualising your baby’s features? Did you look at your diary and thinking “This time next year I’ll be doing this with bub”? Did you stare wistfully at prams and pushchairs thinking “Ooh that’s nice I can just see bub in one of those”? Did you look at colours and clothes and tuck some lovely things away in the baby drawer? Did you wobble around like a beached whale, imagining the contractions had started when really it was just constipation? (ok maybe that’s a bit too gross…)

Bear with me followers because I feel a little like that. (Not quite the beached whale bit though…) When the Centre opens it will be about 40 weeks from the first little inkling I had of what I was going to spend 2015 doing. And truly I feel as if it’s a gestation period. Now I have the funding sorted out and I’m waiting for the money to land in the account, it’s the stage where I’ve gone on maternity leave and I’m making the most of the time as a woman and a couple before Family Member Number 3 is added. I’m giving thanks that I can spend time watching Wimbledon or listening to the cricket in my organic garden, and wander off down to the air-conditioned Morrisons when it gets too hot. Because next year at this time it will all be so different for me.