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Posts Tagged ‘business’

I just thought I’d hop on and do a quick blog post about our training provision. I went through the mill this summer. Covid was robbing me of my faculties, having robbed my husband of his sight, and life seemed to hang by a thread. I wondered – aloud to some people – whether I…

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Earlier this year a firm of physiotherapists visited the Centre and decided to move their Coventry base to the Centre. I was intrigued by this and keen to know their reasons for actually moving from one place in Coventry to another, so I asked them. One of their key points was that the Centre is…

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Keys with key ring

I was asked by the Socially Shared Network to contribute a guest blog to their website, and after much deliberation, I managed it! Here it is:   “Perseverance is when you fall down 19 times and get up 20” – Julie Andrews, apparently. This was on a key ring given to me by a fellow…

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Jousting Knight Challenge

You see, I was taking part in a sort of goal-planning exercise in a networking meeting and I was asked to share 3 positive words that will help me to achieve my goal. My words were: “Challenge, Teamwork, Belief” The exercise leader asked me to change the word “challenge” because it was negative. We had…

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… to blog more often! I won’t beat around the bush here, I do find it difficult to find things to blog about. But I have been advised that regular blogging will help. So maybe I can try and find more stuff that might be interesting. I promise to have a go! Maybe you’d like…

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